Monday, November 9, 2015

I believe he said 10 or 20% difference in the site itself.  I am thinking that may mean content too.  Not like I can exactly go look at someone else's stuff and figure it out.  SO hoping a couple lines here at the start will make that small difference in placing the same info again. 

Keeping up with telling old stories that no one cares about to hopefully help boost content for this experiment....   So there was this game we used to play on recess in elementary school in the fall.   That is, when it was warm enough outside to actually go outside.  Love the northeast weather in the fall... 70 degrees one day, 30 the next...  Anyway, there were some huge old trees that were in the fenced in area.  Oak I think maybe?  Maybe Maple?  Anyway, once fall has set in and the trees all turn colors, the leaves start to fall.   No duh.  But those trees were crazy tall, so it wasn't like you could reach up and touch the lower branches that had leaves.   And a very light breeze would knock a couple loose and it would take, what felt like, forever for them to get to the ground.   Not sure why we thought it was so much fun, but a group of us made it a game to see how many leaves we could catch during recess.  The size of the trees made it so that you had no idea where the leaves would fall...and a light breeze made them tumble in all different ways/directions.  I think at one point we may have even given points based on color or size of leaves.  Not sure as elementary school kids that we really kept track of points fairly, probably just remember it that way.  Which of course is better anyway.

Think that was enough change from one to the other?